3d realistic life size sex love doll male masturbator

My friend, I’m sure you’ve heard of the 3D realistic life size sex love doll male masturbator. Well, when I heard of it at first I was really intrigued; like what the heck is this thing and how does it work? After doing some research, I realized this is one of the more popular sex toys out there because it gives you the feeling of having real life sex, just without an actual partner. The concept is really unique; a robotic device that’s made to feel like a human mate.

The thing is, the more I learned about the masturbator, the more I felt weird about it all. I mean, it’s an interesting idea, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of using something mechanical for sexual satisfaction. At that point, I decided not to experiment with it because it felt like it would be a bit too much for me.

That being said, I’ve kept an eye on the industry and how it’s grown over the years. Now, I’ve seen that the sex doll has come quite a long way from the first prototypes. It’s still pretty realistic, but the materials used have gotten better and more sanitary. Aside from that, it’s improved to the point it can be used in a safe, hygienic way.

After hearing about the advancements that have been made, I felt like I had to try it out myself. So, I went ahead and ordered one. The experience of setting it up was definitely unique; I was pretty awestruck by how life-like it was. The doll was made to exact proportions and had real-feel skin. After that it was time to get it rolling and I was quite amazed; it felt like I was participating in a real-life sexual experience.

Overall, it was a pretty wild experience, and until you’ve tried it first-hand, you don’t really get a sense of how realistic it feels. I went through a variety of emotions when using the device; there was a mix of surprise, disbelief and unhappiness. I mean, its performance was great and it definitely provided me with a pleasurable experience, it still felt a bit strange and creepy to me.

Now, buying the 3D realistic life size sex toys love doll male masturbator was definitely a tricky decision, but I am glad I did it. I mean, it’s really cool technology and it does make you feel something. But at the end of the day, it’s still just a machine and so I can’t help but be a tad suspicious.