4chan k shoots sex doll

It was about time that the dark, pacifically weird corner of the web known as 4chan shocked us again with something insane. This time it was a new thread about ‘K shoot sex doll’ and it raised more than a few eyebrows.

At first I couldn’t believe my eyes, totally clueless as to what was going on, but then it hit me: the thread was all about a shooting range where you had to shoot down life-size, dildos seductive sex dolls.

I was genuinely taken aback – it’s disturbing in a way to shoot down something that looks like a real body equipped with a realistic face. I was completely dumbfounded, instinctively asking myself: What was this supposed to achieve?

Nevertheless, I decided to follow the conversation, resulting in thousands of messages with more and more bizarre stories about this ‘range’. It became obvious that many people were tantalized by the idea of shooting something like this down, and the thread was poppin’ like nowhere else!

People talked about competing for highest scores, honing their shooting range skills and pushing the boundaries of gaming. To be honest, the level of excitement was, at times, ridiculous.

What’s more, it now seems like there’s a whole new wave of ‘4chan gamers’ who are out to conquer as many ‘sex doll shooting ranges’ as they can. Understandably so, I fell into a trance, lost in conversation and contemplating just how absolutely ridiculous this whole thing was.

But then again, if something so weird and extraordinary brings people together, then why not have ‘K-shoot sex dolls‘? I can really understand why people would get enthusiastic about something like this; I guess, anything that hooks one’s attention is attractive on a certain level.