I love travelling to new places, exploring different cultures and meeting new people. So when I heard about something called ‘a sex dolls toy in every port’, I had to find out more. What on earth would it have to do with travelling?

To my surprise, ‘a sex toy in every port’ is an idea being floated around by a few intrepid travellers. The concept is that, whenever you visit a new place, you should make sure to bring along a sex toy to help spice up your time away from home. I was intrigued – but would it be socially acceptable to do such a thing?

I scoured the internet for answers, and what I found surprised me. While in some places a sex toy might seem outrageous, in others it’s totally socially acceptable and even encouraged. In fact, many hotels even offer pleasure products as part of their amenities package – something I never would have imagined!

The idea of ‘a sex toy in every port’ intrigued me so much that I decided to try it out for myself. I gathered a few items that I thought my partner and I might find useful on our next adventure – a vibrator, a blindfold and a variety of other exciting toys – and put them in my suitcase. I couldn’t wait to see how our experience would change.

Our next hotel was nothing special, to be honest – just your standard, run-of-the-mill room with two double beds. But when we opened the suitcase and saw our sex toys, the atmosphere changed immediately. We weren’t just a regular couple – we were adventurers, exploring uncharted territory!

With the sex toys in our corner, we felt free to explore any fantasy we choose. We could do anything – from role playing to mutual masturbation – without feeling judged by anyone. The whole experience gave our sex life an invigorating new kick.

To take it one step further, we even decided to purchase some bondage equipment. While I was initially hesitant, I let my adventurous spirit take over. After all, if I could bring a sex toy to every port of call, I could bring anything!

So we bought some whips, handcuffs and a few other pieces, and took them with us wherever we went. We felt liberated and free to explore our desire more than ever before.

The best part about the sex toys was that we could experiment with each other in entirely new ways. We were able to play with different sensations and explore previously untouched parts of our bodies. For example, we tried light bondage, which was a completely new experience for us both, and one that we thoroughly enjoyed.

At this point, I am a total convert to the idea of ‘a sex toy in every port’. This unconventional lifestyle has opened up so many opportunities for dildos exploration and pleasure that I will never go back. I now recommend this idea to all my friends!