I was a bit reluctant the first time I heard about customize your own sex doll. To me, it was a complete taboo. But soon enough I ended up trying out the concept as it seemed amazing to many.

So, I decided to customize my very own sex doll. It was quite an experience as I had no idea what to do. I started off by browsing through the internet to look for different designs and dildos sizes. After hours of searching, I finally managed to narrow down my choices.

Next, I had to choose the material for the doll. This was the most difficult step of all as the choices were endless. I was confused as to which material would be the best. However, after consulting with the experts, I went with the silicone material as it was more durable and realistic.

After the material decision was taken care of, I had to move on to designing. This was the fun part as I could bring my own creative ideas to the table. I got to pick out the facial features, hair color and physique of the doll. I also had to give my desired measurements as the doll was to be tailored to my exact preferences.

The next step was the ordering process. As this was a customized ideal, the wait time for it to arrive was longer than the usual. I had to wait for at least two months before I could finally get my hands on my dream sex doll.

When my sex toys doll finally arrived, I was ecstatic. Everything about it was perfect. The material, the design and the skin texture was exactly how I had imagined. The feeling of finally having a sex doll of my own made me feel complete.

Now it was time to explore the doll and its features. I noticed that it was powered by batteries and could move certain parts of its body in a realistic manner. I was truly mesmerized by its movements.

The next thing I did was test out the doll’s flexibility. As I had designed it according to my preferences, the flexibility of the doll was quite good. I could contort it in whatever position I desired.

Now, I had owned my sex doll for 8 months and I must say, the decision of customizing a sex doll was one of the best decisions I ever made. The fact that I could tailor the doll according to my desires and still have it arrive at my doorstep in perfect condition was beyond amazing.

Since then I have had many more exciting experiences with my sex doll. I have taken it out on dates, explored its different body parts and even used it to spice up my sex life.

In fact, the more I use it, the more I can’t help but think how practical and convenient owning a sex doll is. It is the perfect companion to have during lonely nights or to satisfy my physical desires without having to worry about the risk of getting infected with an STD. Plus, the fact that I can customize the doll according to my own needs makes it even more special.

Having a customized sex doll is truly a rewarding experience. It has been a great source of comfort and pleasure to me, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to explore and enjoy the same.