My friend recently asked me if sex toys can help with real sex. I was honestly taken aback – it seemed like such an obvious thing to me! I mean, if you can use sex toys to enjoy yourself, why not during sex? That got me thinking – do sex toys help with real sex?

Well, my friend, I can tell you that from my experience, sex toys are not only an incredible asset for solo play, but also for couples who’d like to spice up their sex lives. Sure, talking about sex toys can be a little uncomfortable, but once you are comfortable bringing them into the bedroom, you’ll open the door for a whole new range of pleasure that neither of you could’ve imagined before.

When it comes to real sex, sex toys are a great way to heighten both your pleasure and your partner’s. You can use them to explore each other’s bodies and to stimulate erogenous zones that you possibly didn’t know about. For example, a massage wand can be used to provide a deep massage sensation all over the body, and a vibrator can be used to focus on the clitoris.

But it’s not only about the pleasure that sex toys can bring – they can also be a great way for couples to become closer and more intimate. In many ways, they can bring you closer to each other through the physical and emotional connection sex toys can bring. With a sex toy like a Love Ring, for example, you and your partner can mutually enjoy each other’s presence and pleasure.

Now, sex toys come in all shapes and sizes – and it might take some time to discover what you and your partner are comfortable with. That’s why I always recommend to start simple – a blindfold or massager, for example. Just keep in mind that sex toys can be used to simply add something extra to your sex life, or to explore more kinky side of things. The possibilities are truly endless.

So, now that I’ve convinced you about the wonders of sex toys, the only thing you need to worry about is choosing the right one for you. For solos, a small vibrator might be a great option – I used to have one myself! And for couples, why not try a kinky couples game to explore your fun side?

The bottom line? Sex toys can help with real sex in more ways than one – so don’t be afraid to explore and experiment. It’s truly worth it.

One of the most important aspects of wanting to use sex toys for real sex is to make sure you have enough protection. You wouldn’t want to add any extra surprises – like getting a yeast infection or a sexually-transmitted disease – in the middle of a romantic moment. So when picking up a toy, be sure to choose one that is made from body-safe materials that will ensure you’re both safe.

Another important aspect to remember when using sex toys for real sex is to ensure that both parties – you and your partner – are comfortable with it. It is essential to have an open conversation about it and take the time to discuss boundaries and expectations. This way, you will make sure that you don’t unintentionally cross any of your partner’s boundaries and end up making them feel uncomfortable or unsafe. That being said, be sure to listen to each other and constantly check in with one another so that everyone is fully enjoying the sexual experience.

It’s also wise to add some lubricant to the mix – both during solo as well as partner play. Not only will lubes help to make the experience smoother, but using the right lubricant can also make sure that your sex toys last longer.

This open and Penis Rings honest conversation that you’ll have beforehand is one of the best things about using sex toys for real sex. By talking about it before the real action, it can make it easier for you to let loose and be yourself during the actual deed – something that is fundamental when it comes to sexual encounters.

When using sex toys for real sex, the main goal is to widen your horizons, discover new sensations and break the routine. To do this, you must focus on communicating well and making sure that both of you trust each other. If you have that, you really can’t go wrong – so start exploring and enjoy the ride!