how do you clean dildos

I have a confession to make.I own a few dildos.I don’t care what anyone says,they’re way better than just using your hands.I’m sure a lot of my friends have similar sex toys,and many of us use them quite a bit. When it comes to cleaning them,it can be a bit of a hassle,but it’s doable and totally worth it.

Before I get started,I want to say that when it comes to cleaning dildos,I stick to using non-abrasive soaps.These soaps are gentle enough to clean the toy,but won’t break down the material or cause any damage.It’s also a good idea to use boiling water to get rid of bacteria.If you don’t have a stove,you can also use a pot of hot tap water and microwave it for a few minutes.

After you have the soap and water ready,the next step is to take the dildo out of its package and get ready to give it a good scrub.Using a soft cloth,gently rub the material with the soapy water.If your toy has any ridges,take some extra care to make sure you clean them properly.For areas that are harder to reach,you can use a Q-tip or toothbrush.

The next step is to rinse off any soap residue.If you’re using boiling water,you’ll have to wait until it cools before you can do this.You can also use a cloth to wipe off any leftover soap.Then,take a clean cloth and lightly pat the dildo dry.

Finally,it’s time to put the dildo back in its package and store it away.One thing to keep in mind is that you should never store the toy wet,otherwise it could become contaminated.If possible,keep the toy in its original packaging,otherwise make sure the package is large enough to provide airflow.

These are the basic steps for cleaning dildos.I know some people also like to use rubbing alcohol and other solutions,but I prefer to stay away from those.The bottom line is that,if you clean your toy regularly,you can make sure it stays healthy and safe for use.