how male masturbate

My story begins with how I thought male masturbation was something I had to do in private and kept hidden.​ I never talked about it with my friends or family or even to strangers.​ But it’s something every guy does, and I think it’s time to open up and discuss it more openly.​

When it comes to the act itself, it’s really pretty straightforward.​ Most guys use their hands to fondle their penis and testicles, while some use special toys, such as a vibrator or other device.​ The goal is usually to bring yourself close to orgasm without actually reaching it, kind of like an edging session.​ It can feel extremely pleasurable, and it can also help you build some staying power during sex.​

Some guys swear by setting the mood.​ Whether that’s taking a hot shower, playing some of your favorite tunes, or lighting a few candles – whatever makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.​ You can also try visualization, where you let your imagination explore your sexual fantasies without any guilt or shame.​

Of course, not all guys feel comfortable doing this with themselves.​ If you do feel that way, there are more and more great products on the market that can provide you with great sensations and sensation-focused sensations.​ Think of Fleshlight: a silicone sleeve shaped to fit your penis that can provide intense stimulation.​ Companies like Dame also have clitoral vibrators and prostate massagers for solo masturbation sessions.​

Then as far as position goes, it really comes down to what feels best for you.​ Some guys swear by lying on their back, while others prefer to stand or even kneel.​ Experiment, find what works for you.​

Finally, don’t forget the lube! Most guys find the addition of lube a game-changer when it comes to pleasure.​ It can also help reduce friction, and there are a wide variety of lubes available depending on your skin type.​

So next time you are looking for ways to pleasure yourself, try something different! Change up the positions, add some lube or even some toys and see what works.​ Planning can help make masturbation an even more enjoyable experience.​

I’ve also found that couples who spend more time exploring each other’s bodies and creating new ways to stimulate each other have a much more satisfying sex life.​ That’s why I recently decided to talk to my partner about masturbating together, and I kid you not: it was one of the hottest and most stimulating experiences we’ve ever had!

At first, my girlfriend was a bit apprehensive, but after I explained that we would be able to learn more about each other’s preferences and discover ways to bring each other an even greater pleasure, she was definitely on board.​ We started off slow, massaging and teasing each other, and then gradually built up to a more intense session.​

Child sex doll an obscene item, judge rules - BBC NewsIt was a lot of fun to share and explore each other’s bodies, and it definitely made my partner a lot more comfortable with the idea of masturbating.​ I would definitely encourage couples to do this.​

Moreover, I strongly suggest using lube to make solo or partner play even better.​ Lubricants can increase your pleasure during sex, as well as warm up your body and make it easier for fingers or toys to glide during masturbation.​ There are lots of different kinds of lubes on the market, so I’d suggest experimenting to find what works best for you.​

While masturbating alone may be an old standby, adding mutual masturbation into the mix can definitely make it more exciting.​ Not only is it great for exploring and building trust during sex toys, but it can build up anticipation and make orgasms more pleasurable.​

Also, talking openly about masturbation can be extremely rewarding.​ Knowing that your partner feels safe and secure talking about pleasure, whether it’s with others or just with you, can make the experience even better.​ So I’d definitely encourage partners to open up, get honest, and work towards having those important conversations.​

Lastly, don’t forget that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to masturbation.​ It’s always important to take into account your own comfort level, body, and needs.​ And whatever it is you’re doing in the bedroom, knowing how to make it even more enjoyable is essential.​