how to enjoy male masturbation

Enjoying male masturbation can be one of the greatest gifts that a man can give himself.​ From making use of lube to finding the perfect spot, there’s no “right” way to do it.​ However, it all starts by having a positive attitude towards exploring and seeking pleasure.​

The first step is figuring out what feels best for you.​ When it comes to male masturbation, it’s all about experimentation.​ Different hands, different strokes, different pressures – learning what you enjoy is a process of trial and error.​

When you’ve found something that works, it’s time to make the experience more pleasurable.​ It may seem silly, but introducing yourself to lube can be life-changing.​ Lube can enhance the sensation and prevent irritation.​ For those truly devoted to the art of male masturbation, lube is a must.​

Another way to increase the pleasure is to introduce different materials, such as pillows, blankets, and even massage oils.​ Experimenting with different materials can add extra stimulation and heighten the senses.​

Finding the right spot can also have a big impact.​ Certain areas of the body have more nerve endings and will feel more erogenous than others.​ Some men prefer to masturbate in the shower or while lying down, while for others these positions just don’t give them the same stimulation.​

Regardless of the approach taken, there is no “right” way to enjoy male masturbation.​ As long as it’s done in a safe and consensual way, it should not be viewed as lesser or something to feel embarrassed about, but rather celebrated as a part of taking control over your sexuality and pleasure.​

For some men, male masturbation is a purely physical experience and one that they’d rather not have to think too hard about.​ To make it more interesting and enjoyable, perhaps try adding some mental stimulation to the mix.​ Stimulating yourself to fantasies or erotica can take an ordinary masturbation session to a whole new level.​

Another way to spice up the experience is to introduce some role play.​ This could come in the form of trying out different personas or pretending you’re someone else.​ This opens up an entirely new realm of possibilities for male masturbation and can heighten the overall pleasure.​

Using toys can also add a new dimension to male masturbation.​ Investing in a few quality sex toys can give you a much-needed boost and provide an entirely new range of sensation and stimulation.​ From vibrators to penis sleeves, there are many options available to those willing to explore and discover what works for them.​

Finally, male masturbation is not just a physical experience, but also an emotional release.​ Letting go of any inhibitions and connecting with yourself in this way can be incredibly liberating.​ Taking the time to simply breathe, take in the moment and enjoy it can also be incredibly rewarding and pleasure is just part of the experience.​