how to use an egg sex toy

I recently read about using an egg sex toy and I got really curious about it. I had seen them online but never really considered actually buying one. But then I considered the possibilities of what I could do with one. I had to try it, so I did.

At first I was really apprehensive, it seemed pretty intimidating, but then I remembered all the stories I had heard from friends who had used them before. I thought that if they could do it, I definitely could. So I dug deep and decided to dive in and try it out.

It was pretty easy to use. I first gave it a little spray of lubricant and then I inserted it very slowly. As I was doing this I started to get more and Penis Rings more excited. I felt a bit of a tingling sensation down below which just made things even more interesting. I had definitely done the right thing by venturing into unexplored territory!

Once it was all the way in, I then started to move it around very slowly. It felt really nice, and each movement gave me a different sensation. I could really feel the egg working its magic and I started to get more and more aroused. I felt my body becoming more and more sensitive as I moved the egg around. It was such a freeing and intimate experience.

After a few minutes of exploring how the egg felt, I then started to add a few vibrating sensations to the mix. The different pulsations felt amazing and Penis Rings I could really feel the egg responding to the different combinations of pressure and vibration. It was great because I could keep experimenting new sensations and exploring new possibilities.

Eventually I reached the point of orgasm. I had never experienced anything like it before, and it felt incredible. When the sensations slowly died down I was left feeling so free and happy. I knew that the egg had definitely been a great addition to my sex toy arsenal.

In the few weeks since I’ve been using the egg I’ve noticed that my sexual experiences have become much more pleasurable. It’s become a bit like a game for me to experiment and try new combinations of pressure and vibration. I’ve also become a lot more confident in exploring my own body and what I like.

I’m so glad I decided to purchase and try out an egg sex toy. It’s opened up a whole new world of sexual exploration that I didn’t know existed. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is curious about experimenting with different toys.