how to use inflatable sex doll

When I told a friend I got an inflatable sex doll, they were instantly curious and asked me how it works. After all, sex dolls don’t come with a manual! So, I thought I’d take them through it so they can understand.

I shared with them that first, you have to inflate the doll. This usually involves a pump-like mechanism that you have to use to get the doll to its full size. After, take out the clothing and accessorize, whether with lingerie or jewelry. This is completely up to you! Once the doll is dressed and ready, you can position them anywhere you’d like for the fun to begin.

I explained that the sex doll is designed with special features to make the experience more enjoyable. Like, some come with vibrating depending on which model you purchase. Additionally, some dolls have large breasts, buttocks, and even lifelike eyes. These features can be incredibly lifelike, or create a fantasy experience which is up to you.

To set the mood, you can turn on some music or even light some candles for ambiance. After, you can start exploring the doll however you want. This is where the real fun begins. You can touch and caress in whatever areas you want to explore. You can even roleplay and create a fantasy.

My friend was impressed by how much these sex dolls can offer and asked, “So, is it a lot like what I would experience with a real partner?” That’s when I explained to them that it’s really whatever the user wants it to be. Whether it’s a pleasure experience to explore a new perspective, an extra addition to spice up your relationship, or even a way to stay sexually active when a real partner isn’t available.

I also discussed with my friend that some people choose to add lubricant to the experience, as this can make a huge difference in the sexual pleasure you can experience. There are lubes specifically designed for sex dolls and they are usually oil or silicone-based. For areas like the mouth and vagina, you should always use lubricant as this can prevent the material from drying out.

Finally, I highlighted the importance of cleaning the doll after use. This is because sex dolls are highly absorbent and can contain bacteria and other germs. The chances of an infection from a dirty doll are quite high. The easiest way to clean the doll is with a damp cloth and soap. Pay special attention to those areas which are highly sensitive, such as the mouth and vagina. This will help you enjoy safe and pleasurable experiences.

No matter what kind of fantasy experience you’re going for, dildos I shared with my friend that sex dolls can be incredibly enjoyable. They provide a safe and sexual experience, and can even be a way to explore a new sexual perspective. Sure, there are some cleaning and hygiene precautions to be aware of, but sex dolls come with specialized accessories and lubricants to make the experience easier. All that’s left is to inflate the doll, accessorize, and let your imagination take control!