I guess I don’t need to tell you about how thinking up of such a concept is a bit in a bad taste. Boy sex dolls have been making rounds on the internet and various tabloids for a while now. I just had to do some research about this topic. I honestly had to steel myself when I read some of the comments describing how realistic these sex dolls looked. Some of the voices I heard were actually quite weird. I don’t really understand why anyone would buy something like this.

The 5 Best Vibrators 2021 | Reviews by WirecutterTo be honest, I’m quite sure that buying something like this would just do more harm than good. It’s like a cruel illusion, but maybe a good alternative for someone who has a trouble forming meaningful relationships. Even then, from an ethical point of view, it’s still quite disturbing. Childhood should be about building relationships with people, not inanimate objects.

But it’s true that in the current era, some parents fail to bond with their children, due to their tight schedules or lack of skill. And for these kids, who don’t have anyone to talk to and rely on, it might be hard enough to find something to fill the void. Boy sex dolls could be the answer, diet answers a few of their problems. Then again, it still doesn’t change the fact that buying boy sex dolls is still not right.

I get it that some people feel like they need these dolls, but I just don’t see how they are helping. These dolls won’t teach you how to converse with people. They won’t give you insight on how to relate to other people. Wouldn’t it be better for these imaginary owners to invest their money and sex dolls energy into finding someone they can talk to and share experiences with?

As controversial as this topic is, it’s still interesting to think about. To understand more about the boy sex doll craze, I think it would be better to talk to these people who are buying these realistic dolls. Then maybe we can see if they are really beneficial or not. I’m open to hearing out people’s opinions.

The findings from the research project I just completed were quite eye-opening. After talking to people who own these dolls, I can say that most of the owner’s really trust and care for their dolls. They do remind these owners of a child that they never had, a child that they could hug and care for without feeling left out. Perhaps, these dolls are an outlet for them to wind down and release a lot of stress.

But it’s still so weird for me to imagine someone having a doll instead of a child and taking it for walks and giving it attention. Yet, some people have these dolls that look like little kids, complete with clothes, and they never miss a chance to show them off.

At the end of the day, it’s still up to the person if they do or don’t want to buy boy sex dolls. Everyone has unique beliefs and needs, but I think it’s still better to take the effort and look for real people to talk to and bond with. It’s such a shame that people are buying these dolls instead of looking for real connections in the world.