I remember during a weekend visit to the prison I worked at, I heard tales of male convicts come up and really wonder what do male convicts make to masturbate.​ I was kind of surprised to hear the other inmates talking about this, as you don’t usually hear about that type of thing in the open.​

Many people speculate that inmates make use of magazine pages from old Playboy or Hustler issues, or lubricants smuggled in from other inmates and a few other possibilities.​ Arguably that was already pretty desperate and disgusting material to start with.​ Some of them found items to use that were even more unconventional.​ I heard stories about inmates constructing makeshift items such as homemade sex toys and weird contraptions made out of soap, paper, or other materials like that.​

The thing is that they were making these contraptions out of whatever means necessary.​ It’s almost like creative problem solving ingenuity at its highest level of despair.​ It just goes to show that human nature will pretty much find a way to do what it needs to do and get what it wants.​

One thing I’ll never understand is why these inmates want to do something illegal and potentially damaging to themselves just to get their jollies, which is a scientific term for sexual pleasure.​ You’d think that something like that would be a huge health hazard for them.​ Others been known to fashion makeshift dildos out of plastic utensils like spatulas and put a condom on it for easy use and cleaning.​

My friend Mike, who visited the prison once heard stories of inmates using various items like that but he thought the whole thing was so disgusting and filthy that he couldn’t even bear to think of it.​ He said it didn’t make any sense to him how these inmates could be so desperate for sexual pleasure that they were willing to make do with whatever was available.​

Which leads to my next thing I want to talk about.​ I heard about inmates using other inmates as part of this whole masturbating thing.​ This only happens if the inmates know and trust each other or have to pay the other one for it.​ It’s a real commodification of the human body.​ Even worse, aside from the breach of trust, there could be potential for very serious diseases spread.​

That kind of thing would make me so uneasy; that’s just too much.​ I’d much rather be safe than sorry, you know what I’m saying? Who knows what kind of other things the inmates could be doing.​ This is why there is such a huge emphasis on safety and trust in any type of relationships, and why any kind of sexual contact should be with someone you know and trust.​

Safety is essential, especially when it comes to something like this.​ Even if it’s a consensual thing, I still think it’s a huge risk and not something I’m interested in.​ And if one doesn’t know exactly what one is taking the risk for, why even bother?

The other inmates were also having conversations about it like it was something that was completely and totally normal amongst such criminals.​ They said that it made them feel better and helped to pass the time.​ I guess it’s just a reflection of how far these men have been pushed to make desperate decisions in order to satisfy a need.​

It’s really sad to think that inmates have to resort to such extreme measures just to satisfy themselves.​ Not to mention it’s quite dangerous.​ But, unfortunately, in a situation as desperate as this, it appears to be the only real option.​ It just goes to show that desperation and the human need for sexual pleasure will often drive people to extreme lengths.​

Back to the topic, I’ve also heard from other inmates that it’s possible for guys who are really desperate to have the items shipped in from outside of prison.​ I’ve never heard of that being done directly, but have heard tales so obviously nothing’s off the table when that level of desperation sets in.​

It definitely makes me wonder what other sorts of things the male convicts make to masturbate.​ I can’t imagine the kind of ingenuity it takes to fashion anything, let alone something to pleasure oneself.​ It’s horrifying and disturbing to think about what these inmates would go through to satisfy those needs.​

And, considering that it isn’t really something that the prison Talk about, it makes you wonder just how easy it is for something as dangerous as this to go unnoticed.​ Most of these items would blatantly break the rules or provide a way for them to smuggle in contraband.​ That’s why it would make a lot of sense to take extra precautions or regulation in order to prevent such acts from taking place.​