It was the most bizarre thing I had ever seen.​ Tumblr is a website where people post various forms of content and I stumbled upon some files from tumblr masturbation of males.​ I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! People were able to post videos or pictures of themselves masturbating in public and it went viral.​ It was like a “museum” of exhibitionism.​ It was weird, uncomfortable, and totally fascinating all at the same time.​

I remember watching some of the videos and being equally disgusted and best male masturbate suction automatic intrigued.​ I didn’t understand why someone would want to post something like that? But, as I watched more and more of the videos I started to get more invested in the narrative of each video.​ There was definitely emotion in each video and each story that was unfolding before me.​ It wasn’t just about physical pleasure but also about self-exploration and expression.​

I think it all goes back to human’s inherent need to explore and express themselves.​ We crave physical and mental stimulation and that often comes in the form of masturbation.​ It’s something that is so raw and natural and these files on tumblr spoke to that.​ As I continued to watch more of the files, I realized that not only was there pleasure, but there was also a sense of power and control that comes from being so exposed.​

I felt proud to see these people make themselves so vulnerable and express themselves without fear.​ Many of them were quite eloquent and articulate, and were expressing themselves in ways many of us are too afraid or shy to do on our own.​ It was an impressive sight and I was deeply moved by these brave and bold individuals.​

Despite some of the negative connotations that come along with the subject, I began to see it as a powerful act of creativity and rebellion.​ It was an act of rebellion against society’s expectations and a way of exploring one’s own sense of identity, and I found that really inspiring.​ I think it’s important to remember that everyone has their own way of expressing themselves and how they choose to do so should be respected.​

As I continued to observe these files, I couldn’t help but think that how each of these people expressed themselves was unique and beautiful in their own way.​ Even though they were posting them publicly, I could tell that these were deeply personal acts of self-expression.​ I felt a sense of admiration for these individuals who are brave enough to show their true selves- flaws and all.​

As I watched more and more of these videos, I felt less judgmental and more compassionate of these people.​ I continuously found myself in awe of these individuals who were embracing their sexuality, expressing themselves in creative ways, and ultimately paving a path of acceptance and understanding for others.​ What they are doing may be seen as controversial, for best gains n using penis pump but I would argue that they are actually opening up a gateway for new conversations about this subject.​