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It was a totally new experience for me – I had never used a pump before.​ It turns out it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.​ It was a bit sore but the experience itself was really exciting.​ I felt power and pleasure coursing through my body.​ After we finished, she even showed me how to use the pump to increase my size.​

I was surprised with her knowledge of the equipment and it felt like playing with a toy.​ We ended up having a lot of fun, and we kept exploring new ways of using the pump.​ We even used it to make our sex life more interesting.​

From then on, we continued trying different positions and things and the pump made it even more exciting.​ I felt so in control and it was an amazing feeling watching her writhe in pleasure.​ Every time she used the pump on me, it felt like a totally new experience.​

It’s been a few weeks now and every night, we use the pump to make our sex life even more enjoyable.​ The experience has been mind-blowing for both of us.​

From using the pump, sex toys I’ve learned that Literotica girlfrien really know how to take things to the next level.​ She’s a master at using the pump and I’m lucky to have such an amazing and wild lover.​

The impact of using the pump on our sex life has been immense.​ She’s opened up my mind to using it and I’ve felt as though it has increased our pleasure in bed.​ We continue to explore new things every time and the pump is definitely our go-to when we want to make things more interesting.​

Recently, we’ve even been exploring other interesting sex toys such as vibrators, restraints, and more.​ We continue to make our sex life more interesting and the penis pump will always have a special place for us.​

Now that we’ve explored many different sex toys, I’ve come to really appreciate the power of the penis pump.​ It’s actually become a regular part of our sex lives and it’s really helped us take things to the next level.​

The penis pump has also given us the ability to experiment with different ways of pleasing each other.​ We have been able to explore new positions, techniques, and methods that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.​ It has definitely opened up a whole new world of possibilities.​

Using the penis pump with Literotica girlfrien has definitely been one of the most amazing and wild experiences of my life.​ I’m so lucky to have such a wild and adventurous partner.​ Every time we use the pump, it’s a totally new and thrilling experience.​

It’s also really great that it has allowed us to explore new positions, techniques, and possibilities in the bedroom.​ I feel like it’s definitely made us more adventurous and it has increased our pleasure at the same time.​ I’m sure we’re going to explore many more fun and naughty possibilities in the coming months.​