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Hey there buddy, let’s talk about male masturbation techniques that are popular on Quora.​

First off, I’m of the opinion that it’s great to get creative and explore all the different kinds of methods that could work best for you.​ After all, everyone’s body is different and it’s perfectly natural to want to experiment and find what works best for you.​

For instance, one method that’s really caught fire on Quora is stimulation of the prostate.​ It’s achieved by inserting a finger or two into the anus and massaging the prostate a few inches in.​ Doing this can bring some real pleasure, as well as increasing the intensity of the orgasm.​ As far as techniques go, there is some debate over whether applying deep pressure or more light and gentle movements is more suitable, so it’s definitely something to experiment with.​

Then, we have variations on the hand job.​ One popular technique with Quora users is to wrap your fingers around the base of your penis and move them up and down in a steady rhythm.​ This is another way to bring an intense sensation that sounds like it can feel really enjoyable.​

Although it is a little less common on Quora, something we can’t forget about is the use of sex toys.​ If you have an open mind, and want to experience something completely different, it can be worthwhile looking into some of the anal sex toys that are available.​ Some people say they experience intense pleasure and heightened pleasure with the right prostate toy.​

We still have to mention the classic method of rubbing the penis horizontally along the length of the testicles.​ This is remarkably pleasurable and can be the easiest way to masturbate if you’re just getting started.​

Finally, there’s sensations that can be interesting.​ Rolling your nipples or pulling on your scrotum can bring some great pleasure, and can make male masturbation even more enjoyable.​

So buddy, you can see that there’s a lot of options out there for male masturbation techniques, and you don’t have to be tied down to just one.​ Everyone’s different, so take your time to find what works best for you – it can make all the difference!

Next, let’s talk about masturbating with lubricant.​ Just about everyone has heard about lube, and that’s because it really does make a huge difference.​ It’s best to apply a few drops of lube onto the testicles and the Penis Rings before you start masturbating.​ Not only does it make for a smoother feeling – it can also heighten the intensity of the pleasure.​ Also, because male skin can be particularly sensitive, lube is one of the best ways to stay safe whilst masturbating.​

Something else we have to mention is edging.​ This is a technique which helps to create more intense feelings.​ Essentially, it involves building up the arousal gradually and then stopping right before you reach the point of no return.​ This can sound intense, but it can benefit you in the long run by ensuring that the orgasm is stronger when it does come.​

Another thing you can try is masturbating with a partner.​ Masturbating together can be a great way to explore techniques, as well as building up intimacy with your partner – both of which are amazing benefits.​ Some fun variations include you stimulating your partner and your partner stimulating you at the same time.​

Followed by this, we have vibrators.​ Vibrators are great for masturbating too! If you have one at hand, or are thinking of buying one, it can be really enjoyable to try different settings and locations when using it.​

Plus, it’s definitely worth talking about ‘sensitive spots’ and more creative masturbation.​ Just like with your partners, it’s worth exploring different sensations on your body.​ This could include stimulating your nipples or even exploring your perineum.​ Keep in mind that exploring different parts of your body is key to finding out what feels good to you.​

So buddy, as you can see – there are so many amazing male masturbation techniques here, and even the little details can make all the difference! Get exploring, have fun and take your time – you never know where it might take you 😉