Manual Sucking Extrusion Male Masturbators, Oh boy what an interesting topic.​ I never thought in my wildest dreams I’d be talking about this!

Well I heard of these things and was very curious.​ How did I know about them? Well one day my roommate bought one actually and I was like, “What the heck is that?!”.​ After he convinced me it wasn’t a weapon, I asked him about the functions and that’s when he introduced me to manual sucking extrusion male masturbators.​

One thing I know for sure is that these types of masturbators offer a totally unique and pleasurable experience with some popular sensations related to oral sex.​ These masturbators use a motor and suction system that help to emulate that really popular oral sex motion, making it pretty realistic.​ I mean, they’re basically a type of enhanced artificial oral sex for the penis.​

The other awesome thing about them is that they’re discreet and easily portable.​ Most forget that a manual sucking extrusion male Masturbators are incredibly small in size, which makes it easy to store or even take along when you’re travelling!

The controls are typically really easy to understand dildos and conveniently located.​ Unlike other sex toys, these things don’t require a college degree to start using.​

To top it off, they’re incredibly powerful and provide an intense sensation.​ I mean, they come with an array of different speeds and levels of pulsing intensity with most models having several different functions like regular stroking, heating, vibration and even textured linings.​

And if that wasn’t impressive enough, these things are pretty efficient and offer a really great bang for your buck.​ They last quite a long time when used properly and some of the fancier models even come with an adjustable tightness for even more satisfaction.​

Whoah, I think I know so much more than I did before.​ I thought manual sucking extrusion male masturbators was this creepy, weird toy that a few people use.​ Now after talking about it, I feel like I know so much more!

So now that I am more informed about manual sucking extrusion male masturbators, I have decided to see if I can find one that fits my needs and budget.​ I wanted to get one that was reliable, efficient and above all, discreet.​ After doing a bit of research and consulting with a few friends, I eventually chose a model made by a reputable brand.​ At first I was a bit skeptic but after trying it out, I was more than satisfied!

The thing I liked most about it was the suction power and the vibrations.​ It felt so incredible that I couldn’t help but let out moans and groans as I was using it.​

Apart from the suction and vibrations, there were other features I found very pleasing.​ It was made of a really smooth and gentle medical grade silicone, which was nice and comfortable to handle.​ And the motor was really quiet, which was great because I didn’t want to be heard!

One thing I found strange is that the temperature control function wasn’t very accurate.​ It was either too cold or too hot.​ Despite that, I’m pretty impressed with my purchase overall and I put it on the top of list for acquiring an enjoyable sexual experience.​

Apart from the temperature issue, I was able to find a manual sucking extrusion male masturbator that was great for me.​ It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for an efficient and powerful masturbator.​ Who knows, you might just like it better than me!