masturbation lube male

It all started one day when I stopped in my local sex dolls toy store looking for something fun and new to spice up my solo play.​ I was overwhelmed with the variety of masturbation lube available for male, it was hard to choose! I settled on silicone-based lube, which is perfect because it’s very slippery and incredibly long-lasting—perfect for marathon sessions.​ Plus, it’s compatible with my silicone sex toys.​

I opened the tube and wow, it smelled fantastic! I started imagining all kinds of goodies I could do with this lube.​ I couldn’t wait to give it a shot.​.​.​ I squirted some into my hands and began stroking away.​ That’s when I knew that this stuff was like a miracle lubricant! It had an amazingly silky feel to it that felt good and natural.​ Plus, it made my toys glide across my skin like butter! The sensation was out of this world.​

I began experimenting with different techniques and techniques that felt really amazing when combined with the silicone lube.​ I could feel it building up to something spectacular.​ The amazing texture of this lube and the way it tickled my skin was mesmerizing.​ I just kept maintaining the rhythm until I felt an incredible rush of pleasure and intensity.​

I quickly realized that this lube was a life changer.​ My solo sessions had reached a whole new level of pleasure.​ I honestly felt like I was in heaven! Plus, this lube could also be used for partnered sessions, adding an extra layer of slippery pleasure.​

At this point I was pretty adept with solo play and was ready to amp it up to the next level.​ I was a little apprehensive at first but I was determined to give it a shot.​ Needless to say, I’m loving it! Using this lube increased the intensity of my orgasms and made my solo play even more pleasurable.​

I’m really happy with my purchase and now I can confidently say that I’ve found my favorite male masturbation lube.​ I’m so glad I took a chance and experimented outside my comfort zone.​ Now, I’m going to keep exploring different sensations to see what else this lube can do!

In addition to standard vibrators and other toys, I started experimenting with prostate massage and anal play.​ I found that this lubricant was the ideal accompaniment to these activities.​ Its slippery texture helps me get just the right pressure and balance for maximum pleasure.​ I’ve become a pro at finding the right angles and strokes and I’ve really been able to get creative with them! All thanks to the best lube for male masturbation.​

I’m now more in tune with my body and my sexual desires than I ever have been before.​ This lube has opened my eyes to new possibilities and I can’t wait to try more creative ideas.​ I’m sure that my solo play is going to be even more amazing and that I’ll be having better partnered sex too.​ If you’re looking for a way to spice up your sex life, this lube is definitely the answer!👉 COCK RINGS: Stronger, Bigger  and Longer Erections!