My mind went berserk when I first heard about lubricated condoms with a sex doll. “How did someone even think of this?”, I thought to myself. Intrigued by this combination, I decided to learn more about it.

At first, I was a bit apprehensive. Was it even safe to use lubricated condoms with one? I’d heard of horror stories about people who had slipped and broken due to lack of lubrication. So, naturally, I was wary of the idea.

Then I heard from a friend who had done a lot of research on the subject that lubricated condoms were much safer than regular latex ones when used with a sex doll. It did seem like lubrication was needed to reduce friction and the risk of tearing, and so it made sense that lubricated condoms with a doll were going to be better.

Having read the science around it, I felt much more confident about trying it out. So, I finally decided to take the plunge and try it. I got myself a lubricated condom and a doll and the experience was amazing. The lubrication made the whole experience much more pleasurable and there was very little risk of damage either to my doll or me. With the added bonus of no mess.

I think this revolutionary product should be embraced, as it offers so many rewards and dignifies the sex doll experience. It raises it to a whole new level. I’m sure that it would appeal to many people who have never considered a robotic companion because of fear of tearing or discomfort associated with latex products.

Thick lubricated condoms with a sex doll are a great innovation and a new way to experience sex. They allow for smooth penetration and dildos with minimal mess or slipping. They also reduce the risk of damage to both humans and dolls, making them a win-win for everyone. It’s a great way to experience sex and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for vibrators a new and exciting experience.

I was also curious to know how much lubrication is already provided by the manufacturer, so I decided do a bit of research on that as well. Turns out, this largely depends on the type and brand of the lubricated condom and also varies from country to country. Some brands provide more lubrication than others. However, it’s important to keep in mind that even with lubricated condoms, extra lubricant may still be needed.

Overall, I find the concept of lubricated condoms with a sex doll to be highly innovative and I wholeheartedly support it. I’m excited to see what new products we will come up with next!