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Well, I’m sure you’ve heard of penis pumping and jelqing as two different methods to help a man increase his size.​ I recently came across the website www.​thundersplace.​org which talks about the different methods and the pros and cons of each.​ It got me thinking: which one should I try?

Penis pumps use a vacuum suction to encourage blood flow to the penis, enlarging and lengthening it temporarily.​ They can be used regularly to attempt lasting enlargement.​ The people who use them believe they are more effective and have greater potential for lasting results than jelqing.​

Jelqing uses exercise-like techniques to help produce stronger, firmer, longer-lasting erections and an increase in penis size.​ It involves repeated stroking of the penis to push extra blood into its chambers, increasing size over time.​ Since the results can take several weeks to appear, many people find it more difficult to stick with jelqing than they do with penis pumps.​

sex doll shemale 158cm,lifelike vagina and huge butt,sex robot dolls with big breast,metal ...So, penis pumps or jelqing? It’s hard to decide, right? Well, on www.​thundersplace.​org, they say that while jelqing does not guarantee an increase in size, it does offer more permanent results than penis pumping.​ They also point out that regular use of a penis pump can lead to greater girth and stronger erections, but whether or not it results in an increase in size is still up for debate.​

So, neither choice is perfect.​ Penis pumping can provide faster results but the results may not be permanent, while jelqing requires more effort and time, but may produce more lasting results.​ Ultimately, it all depends on what you’re looking for.​ If you want something to give you an instant boost and are only interested in temporary results, then penis pumping might be a good option.​ But if you’re looking for something more long-term, then jelqing is probably the better choice.​

I’m still undecided though.​ I guess I’ll need to do some more research into which method is right for me.​ But one thing I can say for sure is this: for those of you who are looking for some guidance and support in making your decision, www.​thundersplace.​org is definitely the place to go!

Now, if a man were considering either penis pumping or jelqing, it would be useful to understand the potential risks involved.​ While both are generally considered safe if done correctly, they can lead to complications or injuries if done wrong or to excess.​ For instance, penis pumps can cause bruising and swelling, while jelqing can cause tears in the tissue of the penis, leading to variations in the size or shape of the penis as well permanent damage to the erectile tissue.​

There are also some psychological risks to consider when trying either technique.​ In particular, the idea of using pumps or exercises to increase the size of the penis can lead to insecurities, feelings of low self-esteem, and a fear of being inadequate – as well as potentially damaging relationships.​

Another issue to consider is the financial cost, as both pumping and jelqing require equipment and devices that can be expensive.​ For example, penis pumps can range from $20 to $300, while jelqing typically requires lubricants, creams, supplements, and devices that can be costly.​ So, if you’re thinking about trying either of these methods, it’s important to consider the financial cost as well as the physical risks.​

Finally, it’s important to remember that both penis pumping and jelqing can be effective when done the right way and Penis Rings with the right precautions.​ Whatever method you choose, the bottom line is that you should always practice safe techniques and techniques that are appropriate for your body.​ With thorough research and the help of www.​thundersplace.​org, dildos you can make sure you do just that.​