Neon Wand Electrode Accessory Kit


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Get more spark with the Neon Wand Accessory Kit! 8 different attachments give you lots of room for experimentation, perfect for those who get off on variety.

Light up your scene with a dazzling glow from each of these quality crafted electrode attachments.

Each kit includes the following electrodes:

1) The Tongue: The bulb of this electrode tapers to a snub-nosed end, giving it the appearance of a small, electrified snake’s head.

2) The Cloud: A tubular attachment that lights up with an otherworldly luminence.

3) The Helix Comb: The teeth of this comb allows a soft flow of electricity to caress and tease evenly.

4) Live Wire: The fine metal point of this probe is perfect for targeting more intense sensations than other, glass-tipped probes.

5) The Dali Electrode: Perfect for using on arms and legs, creating 2 simultaneous points of contact.

6) The Condenser: The smaller tip of this attachment puts out a more focused, powerful connection.

7) The Mushroom Electrode: Emits a gently tickling, wide arc or light to guide your explorations.

8) The Pinwheel: When using the Power Tripper (not included), this metal wheel causes a slightly strong jolt when rolled over a person’s skin.

Need a Neon Wand? Choose from Classic or Red/Black.

Safety, Care, and Usage:

Follow all manufacturer’s directions and safety instructions. Clean probes with isopropyl alcohol (75% or greater). Allow alcohol to dry and evaporate completely before use.


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