should indians be given sex toys

I guess the sex toys industry here in India is booming by now. But should Indians really invest their money in sex toys? Do I really need to order sex toys for myself? I know most people wouldn’t think so, while some people would. It’s still a taboo topic here in India.

Actually, I’m on the transition stage of my thoughts. I’m not sure if I should buy or not. But, what I’m sure about is, sex toys can make a huge difference in terms of pleasure. For example, I’ve heard about some vibrators that do wonders. The idea of experiencing pleasure without having a partner was kind of hard to imagine for me.

However, my doubts and concerns still remain. I was thinking; won’t using sex toys reduce the overall pleasure I could experience with a partner? I am a bit apprehensive about the whole thing. But, still, the pleasure that sex toys might give me is difficult to ignore. People also say that you should try it out once, to know it better.

Maybe I should try out some of the sex toys available in India, since I’m allowed to buy them. I mean, it’s not like I’m actually going to have actual sex. I mean, it’s totally legal for Indians to buy sex toys. I heard there are a variety of options available in the market – vibrators, dildos, vibrators strap-ons, finger stimulators, and so on, depending on our preferences.

I also read in an online article that some of the sex toys stimulate particular parts of our body, like clitoris, G-spot, P-spot, etc. And with the use of technology – like Bluetooth technology and motion sensors – some of the sex toys are made so precise, that they hit the exact spots! This could make a huge difference in terms of pleasure. Wow!

Moreover, there are also some sex toys that are designed for couples. They can add on to the experience and provide extra stimulation. In fact, they can be used to play out fantasies when making love.

Overall, I’m still confused whether I should buy sex toys or not. It’s a tricky situation. It’s true that sex toys might give me the same pleasure I could get from actual sex, but I’m still uncertain. But if my friend recommends me a good sex toy, from a reliable brand, I might consider it.