tenga spinner tetra textured male masturbator

Have you heard about the Tenga Spinner Tetra Textured Male Masturbator? Well, it’s all the craze right now! I recently splurged and bought one, and I can tell you, it’s definitely worth the money!

First of all, sex dolls let me tell you a bit about the design: it features four different textures in one device, which means you can switch up your experience with a simple twist.​ Not only that, but the device is also incredibly quiet, so you can enjoy yourself as much as you like without the fear of getting caught! And, it’s not like those bulky rubber models that you’ll find in adult shops – this is a sleek and stylish toy.​

Speaking of sleek and stylish – the entire thing comes packaged in this brilliant chrome casing, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also means the Tenga Spinner is super easy to clean and keep germ-free.​ Plus, it didn’t take long to charge either, so you’re always prepared for your next session.​

The material is also really soft and supple – it’s almost like you’re being caressed by a velvety pillow.​ The suction of the device also creates a penetrating sensation that really gets you going.​ And, believe me, the orgasms are earth-shattering!

Taking into account all the features I’ve mentioned, it’s clear to see why the Tenga Spinner Tetra Textured Male Masturbator is so popular! I mean, dildos it really has everything you could ever want in a masturbation device – soft, sensual textures, pleasing and modern design, and, of course, the bonkers orgasms you get after!

I guess the only downside is that it isn’t as adjustable as some of the other devices I’ve tried.​ But then, this isn’t really an issue for me – I’m quite happy with the four textured settings the Tega Spinner comes with.​

Now that I’m done extolling the virtues of the Tenga Spinner, let me explain the different features that you get with it.​ First, it has three different textured rings that you can attach or remove depending on your desired intensity.​ That means you get to choose from a medium, hard and super hard texture, all of which guarantee maximum pleasure.​

Then, there’s the dedicated ‘tease mode’ feature which gives you more control over the tempo and sensation.​ With this, you can tailor your experience in accordance to your preferences.​ And the included air pressure settings make the experience even more intense and stimulating.​

Next, the addition of the Tenga Spinner’s trademark ‘terra shock’ motor allows for an incredibly smooth and enjoyable sensation.​ This feature effectively provides you with an elevated experience of powerful vibrations while still using the same amount of air.​ Plus, the fact that’s it’s rechargeable means you can always expect ample power throughout the session.​

And last but not least, the Tenga Spinner also includes a clever ‘toy bag’ for discreet storage.​ This neat pouch is also capable of blocking out all sound from the device, making it even harder to find if it were to fall into the wrong hands.​

So there you have it – all the features that come with the Tenga Spinner.​ I think it really is an invaluable toy, and I can understand why it’s become so popular.​ If you’ve been thinking about trying a new toy, I’d definitely recommend giving the Tenga Spinner a go – hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up loving it!