Well, I recently read a blog about sharing sex dolls and it really got me thinking. It’s really quite fascinating that people are already sharing human-like figures. Every time I think about it, it brings up a lot of questions – and emotions – for me.

First off, I have to say I was surprised that people would choose to share sex dolls. I mean, Penis Rings obviously sex dolls carry a bit of stigma in some places, so I think it takes a certain kind of courage to even bring it up to your partner in the first place. That being said, if you’re into it, I’m all for it – it’s all consensual, anyway.

Second, there’s the question of how to make the experience optimal for both parties? Is it better to have a single doll (which could be switched between people) or two separate dolls? Does it matter if one doll is bigger, where does it fall in terms of pleasure for each person? What’s the cost for two dolls versus one? Are there any health repercussions to having dolls and sharing them between people?

Third, I’m interested in the way in which sex dolls foster connection between two people. I have to imagine that discussing the type of doll, the type of experience, and so on would cause for a lot of honest conversations. In some ways, it could be seen as a way to open up and explore the other person’s fantasies and desires in a safe and non-threatening way – that’s definitely a plus.

Fourthly, I think there needs to be clear communication and boundaries between people who share dolls- even if it’s just a conversation about hygiene and maintenance. Sharing is great, but safety first and foremost has to be a priority.

Fifth, I’m interested in how sharing dolls could affect the emotional space of a relationship. It almost feels like it could create a safe space for people to explore one another’s fantasies and desires with less fear of rejection.

Finally, I think it’s great that sharing sex dolls can make it possible for couples to explore their mutual sexual desires, fantasies and interests in a safe and intimate environment. It’s definitely an interesting way to spice up a relationship and investigate new avenues of pleasure.