what to keep sex toys in

Hey friend! When it comes to where to keep sex toys, I know it can be tricky. It needs to be somewhere that you feel comfortable and secure, somewhere that you can access easily if the mood strikes. That’s why I’ve come up with some tips for where you can keep sex toys so you can get to them whenever you need.

For starters, I recommend a bedside or nightstand. This is a great place to store sex toys that can be used privately within your own bedroom, so you don’t have to worry about anyone else discovering your intimate desires. It also guarantees that they stay together when you’re not using them. With bedside storage, you can access them quickly without having to get up and explore other options.

Another great choice is your dresser drawer. Keeping sex toys in your dresser allows you to keep your collection hidden away, and you can quickly retrieve your toys from beneath the clothes and items inside the drawer. This is especially helpful if your bedroom is often shared with others, and you want to make sure they don’t discover your toy stash.

I also suggest keeping your sex toys in a special bag. This is the perfect way to keep your collection organized, secure and out of sight at the same time. With a special bag, you can simply keep your sex toys next to the bed and you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out what’s in it.

Finally, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can look for a discreet storage box. This is great for customers with a big collection of sex toys, as it will store everything in one place. It looks like an ordinary box from the outside, but inside it’s secretly full of your sex toys and practically invisible to anyone who doesn’t know it’s there.

In conclusion, there are many great options when it comes to storing sex toys. Whether you prefer a discreet box or a bedside drawer, you can find something that works for you and keeps your toys organized and protected. What’s important is that you find the storage location that makes you feel the most comfortable and secure.

In more detail, let’s discuss further considerations when storing sex toys. Above all, make sure to use a special, preferably antibacterial or hypoallergenic pouch for your toys, as it will protect them from dust and dirt and make them last longer. At the same time, check the material composition of the toys and the pouch, since some materials may lose their softness or dissolve in certain conditions.

Next, think about temperature and humidity. If you keep your sex toys too cold, they might become brittle and the silicone could crack. On the other hand, if they’re kept in a hot, damp environment, the material may weaken and there is a risk for bacteria and mold to form. Instead, look for a room that is approximately 70°F or 21°C and not too humid.

What’s more, it’s important to make sure you dispose of the batteries before storing your toys. This is especially important if the battery is still partly charged, as it could be dangerous to leave it lying around. Furthermore, it prevents any possible risks of the battery leaking, since it can cause corrosion and damage your sex toys.

It’s also a good idea to keep any accessories, such as chargers and lubricants, in the same place as your sex toys. This way, you always know where everything is and you don’t risk losing any of your items.

Finally, think about where you are going to store your sex toys when you’re travelling. A special bag, for example, makes travelling with sex toys easier and Penis Rings more secure, as it ensures they stay together, unnoticed. Just make sure to read the airport regulations beforehand, and if possible, try to put the bag in your cabin luggage so the security personnel won’t have to go through it in a crowded, public place.

The 5 Best Vibrators 2021 | Reviews by WirecutterAll in all, there are a lot of different ways to store sex toys and some key elements to take into consideration. Whether you use a dresser drawer, vibrators a discreet box or a special travel pouch, make sure to use something that will keep your toys clean, organized and secure. Don’t forget to store the batteries separately and to check the material composition of the toys. Also, be aware of the temperature and humidity of the room you store them in and you’ll be sure to have a good time anytime the mood strikes.