who inbented the sex doll

In the 21st century, inventions no longer surprise us. No matter how advanced and futuristic some of them may be, we rarely say “Wow!” However, the invention of the sex doll definitely managed to surprise most people.

To be honest, I was really taken aback when I first heard about it. I mean, who could have thought of creating a life-like doll that looks so human-like and will remain eternally “at your service”, without any complaints? It almost seemed too unreal.

The truth is, it was a genius idea and the person who thought of it has to be credited. While rumors may say it’s the world-wide famous inventor Thomas Edison that came up with the idea, this is not entirely true. It was actually Inge Jones, the Dutch- Australian sculptor, who invested months of hard work into achieving her vision, back in 1978.

As some may know, Inge’s dolls were a prototype version which needed further development. However, the core idea was there and it is Inge that we must thank for this surrogate technology. If she hadn’t come up with this invention, who knows what other roads the development would have taken.

Since then, many other inventors have come up with variations of the initial prototype. They all worked incredibly hard and contributed to the sex doll industry as we know it today. It’s funny to think that if all those minds didn’t collaborate, sex dolls it’s possible that the development of the modern sex doll may have been put on hold for years, if not cancelled altogether.

Pink Sparkle Vibe - A Very Small Vibrator\u2013 Vibrators.comEvery time I think about Inge and other inventors that worked or are working on improving the modern sex doll, I can’t help but be grateful for their hard work and dedication. I’m also always amazed about how fast the technology of sex dolls has developed and how much potential there is in the area.

Not only is the modern sex doll much more lifelike in comparison to its 1978 prototype, but various features like sound, movement and monitoring capabilities have evolved it beyond mere aesthetics. It is almost uncanny how human-like these dolls are, but also forever loyal and always ready to please.

I can only imagine how much more opportunities can arise now that we’ve reached this stage in terms of sex doll technology. Advanced robotics and AI are bound to find their way into the sex doll industry and bring forth completely new possibilities.

In any case, I am really glad that Inge Jones had the courage to follow her dreams and invent the sex doll. Her contribution was invaluable and its impact can be easily seen in both the way people enjoy themselves nowadays, and the development of other robotics-related technologies.