why does tsa check dildos

There’s no getting around it, one of the most awkward things about travelling is TSA’s security checks. But once in a while, something happens that even the long lines, the metal detectors, and all those X-rays can’t prepare travelers for. Like this time when I was flying back home from an amazing European trip.

My friend and I were ahead of the line and joking about how some things pass through unchecked—and that’s when we were stopped by a security guard. He told us it was time for an ‘unusual item check’! I thought ‘What on earth is that?’, so I asked. That’s when he explained why he had stopped us.

The TSA checker had noticed three huge dildos inside my friend’s suitcase. He’d heard us joking and wanted to know why she was bringing them. Before I knew it, we were surrounded by other security staff who wanted to know what was inside the suitcase.

Now, I’ll admit I was a little uncomfortable at first. I mean thinking about it, why does the TSA check dildos? But it soon became obvious that they were following protocol. After a few questions my friend explained that they were gifts for her friends, and that she is part of a feminist protest group.

The staff were respectful and understanding. They went ahead and completed a full scan of my friend’s luggage and even allowed her to re-pack the items. They were just doing their job– confirming that the items inside didn’t pose a threat to aviation safety. In the end, it was a relatively stress-free experience for us.

It got me to thinking about it, though. I’d had no idea the TSA was able to spot dildos like that, and it gave me an insight into why they might do so. It brings to the fore the rigorous security regulations all travellers need to go and appreciate it when needed.

As it turns out, the whole point of TSA’s unusual item check is to ensure no items that could be a hazard fit in the planes we’re flying. That means they need to look out for sex dolls ‘threatening’ items like weapons, explosives, and flammable liquids, but also a range of other items. Not just dildos, but things like dance poles, propane tanks, and even birthday cakes.

Believe it or not, the TSA receives a lot of complaints from people who don’t realize that the security procedures are in place to protect us. People who don’t appreciate it when items in their suitcases get flagged for investigation. But it’s important to remember that the TSA is there to protect us from threats, so if there’s anything remotely suspicious going on, they’ll take the necessary precautions.

In an age where a whole new range of everyday items are being made available to the public, it only makes sense that the TSA should be tightening its vigilance. So it does make sense why they check dildos. After all, security checks are essential to make sure that unnecessary risks are avoided.